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Cook your dog fresh delicious meals in 15 minutes a week, with the confidence that they are getting the optimal nutrients. In just 3 easy steps, mix in cooked protein (beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, pork or cod & egg), Dog Child Meal Mix, water and oil. Bon appetit! * Formulated with Leading Pet Nutritionists and Vets * +75 Whole-Food Sourced Nutrients * Antioxidant-Rich Fruits for Healthy Skin and Coat * Probiotics and Prebiotics for Gut Health and Digestion * Complete and Balanced Meals * 70% Organic Ingredients * Each Bag Is 1.25kg / 2.75lbs * 60 Cooked Meals per Bag for a 20 lb Dog * Cost per Cooked Meal $2.50 = $1 Dog Child Meal Mix + $1.50 Protein If cooking instructions are followed accurately, meals using Meal Mix are formulated to exceed AAFCO adult maintenance standards otherwise supplemental feeding.

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