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  • SINGLE INGREDIENT - Our extra thick Beef Cheek Rolls are made with only premium quality beef head skin sourced from grass fed and free range cattle. With our rolls being made out of a single ingredient, they contain a natural scent that your dog will love.
  • DENTAL CARE - Our Peanut Butter Beef Cheek rolls are great dental chews that help scrape away tartar and plaque promoting healthy gums and teeth.
  • LONG LASTING - Beef Cheek Rolls will keep your furry friend entertained for quite some time. They provide long lasting chewing fun while still being easily digestible.
  • RAWHIDE ALTERNATIVE - We understand that rawhides can cause harmful stomach blocks, this is why we have made our Beef Cheek Rolls a rawhide alternative. These are not only safe for your pup but also healthy as they are high in protein.

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